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Our Contract


Puppy Agreement


Puppy’s Name:_________________________________________


Mother:____________________   Father:____________________


New Owner’s Name:___________________________




Because of all the genetic, environmental and nutritional factors involved, we can not 100% guarantee that your puppy will be without health defects.  However, we have done our best to avoid undesirable traits and hereditary health issues by having parents from healthy lines and tested to be free of undesirable genetic health characteristics. 


With this said, if a puppy should develop hereditary characteristics such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, hereditary heart or eye conditions, before the age of 24 months, that will affect the puppy’s life, well being or physical abilities, we will replace the puppy as soon as possible.  If a problem should arise, we require that you take your puppy to a board certified specialist for a diagnosis.  If it is found the puppy does indeed have a life altering genetic disorder, a second opinion is required for final diagnosis.  The 2nd opinion board certified vet must either be chosen by the breeder or approved by the breeder PRIOR to the appointment.  This guarantee does not cover any conditions that are not symptomatic and do not affect the life or well being of the dog.


This guarantee covers genetic issues and does not cover diseases and illnesses out of our control such as Valley Fever.


To ascertain that your puppy is free from disease or physical defects, it should be taken to your veterinarian for examination within 7 days of leaving our premises.  If the puppy is found to be of poor health and physical development, it may be returned to the breeder at that time for a full refund or a substitute puppy.

This guarantee will apply only if the below conditions have been met, if the dog has not been bred, and upon certified evidence from a qualified veterinarian that the dog has been spayed or neutered.


Provided the below conditions are met, puppy would remain the property of the purchaser.  Puppy does not have to be returned, even if replacement is given.


The buyer(s) agrees to the following conditions:


  1. We understand the puppy is being sold in good faith that it will not be bred.  Which means you must not get your pup spayed or neutered before the appropriate age.  Standard size males will not be neutered before 12 months and females must not be spayed before 10 months.  Doing so makes the contract null and void. This is for the optimum health of your dog. 

  2. We acknowledge that the puppy is being sold as a pet only.  Breeding makes this contract null and void.

  3. The puppy is to be provided with adequate socialization, shelter and housing.

  4. The puppy is not allowed to be tied in any manner or allowed to roam free.

  5. The puppy is to be fed a quality food that contains no BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, food colorant or BY-PRODUCTS.

  6. The puppy is to be maintained at a weight appropriate for its size and age.  Obesity is a major contributing factor of joint issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia.  If the puppy is found to be overweight, this contract is null and void.

  7. The puppy is to be provided with adequate and correct exercise and good grooming care.

  8.  The puppy is not allowed to jump up or down from high places, or made to run unnaturally (as in running next to a bike) up until 2 years of age.  These conditions have shown to bring about joint damage to puppies still growing and developing.

  9. The puppy is to receive proper veterinary care and proper vaccinations for the duration of its life.

  10. The puppy is not to be sold to any foreign country.

  11. The dog must not be sold or given to another party without prior notification and agreement of the breeder.  In either of these cases the guarantee becomes null and void.

  12. The breeder reserves the first right of refusal if the purchaser(s) is (are), for any reason, unable to keep this puppy.

  13. If the buyer is at any time unable to keep said puppy/dog, the buyer will gladly assist with re-homing.  All costs to return puppy/dog to the breeder will be assumed by the owner.


I understand and agree fully to the above conditions:


________________________________________                   _________________________

Purchaser’s Signature                                                                Date


________________________________________                   _________________________

Breeder’s Signature                                                                    Date

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