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We are currently working on an interactive questionnaire...  but in the meantime... please just copy and paste the questionnaire into an email with answers and send to 
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Blue Ribbon  New Owner Questionnaire 



City: ________________ State/Zip:______________ 

Phone/cell:____________ Work:________________

Email: _____________________________________

Litter you are interested in: _____________________

Male or Female? _____________________________

Furnished, Unfurnished or no preference?________________

How did you hear about us?? ____________________ 


Questions about you, the buyer: We kindly ask that you reply to the following questions -- these questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way. Please feel free to add any additional comments. Completion of this questionnaire is in no way a guarantee that a puppy will be sold/reserved to/for you. 


1. Number of members in your family? 


2. Do you have children? (please include ages)


3. Are all members of your household away during the day? If so, what provisions will you make for your puppy at that time? 


4. Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies? 


5.Does anyone who lives in your home, or who is a frequent visitor, a smoker? 


6.Do you own a swimming pool? 


7. If you own a swimming pool, is it fenced separately from the yard, with no entrance under it? 


8. Have you put a deposit on a puppy with anyone else at this time? If so who? 


9. Do you own your own home or do you rent?


10. If you rent, does your landlord allow dogs? 


11. Have you owned a dog before? 


12. What breed/type did you own and what happened to them? 


13. Do you currently have any pets (and age)? 


14. Will they adapt to another animal in the family? 


15. Why do you want a puppy? 


16. What will you do with the puppy if it does not work out for you? 


17 Do you agree that if at any time you are unable to keep your puppy or dog, for whatever reason, you will need to contact us for help and we will assist you in placing your dog in the manner that is best suited to your particular needs?


18.  Where will your dog live?, Sleep?, Eat?, and Play? 


19. Do you have a fenced yard, or fenced exercise play area for your dog? 


20. If not, are you willing to construct one of these before the puppy comes to live with you?


21. Do you know that we will not allow a puppy obtained from us to be tied in any manner? 


22. Do you understand why we insist on this?


23. Do you understand that Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles thrive on human attention and cannot be isolated from the rest of the family? 


24. Do you understand that a puppy purchased from us must be a part of the family and not be a dog that lives outdoors all the time? 


25. What Veterinarian do you plan to use? (Name, address, & phone number) 


26. Please list 2 references of people that know you, your family/work life, and any past relationships with pets: 




27. Do you plan on using a crate to help house-train your pup? 


28.If not, how do you plan on house-training?


29. Who will be responsible for the care, grooming, and training of your dog? 


30. Briefly tell us about your family’s lifestyle, hobbies, and interests: 


31. What sex of puppy do you prefer? 


32. Briefly tell us the attributes you would like your puppy/dog to possess? 

33.  Do you understand that we can not guarantee the adult size of your puppy?   When combining different size genetics , there is a range of what you may possibly produce.  Even small F1 Bernedoodles can produce large F2 puppies due to the genetics of the BMD.


33. What do you expect from us, the breeders of your pup? 


34. Are you prepared to feed a premium dog food to your dog? 


35. Do you understand that your dog must be neutered/spayed?   We sell all our puppies on a non-breeding contract and it may not be bred unless this contract is removed by mutual consent? 


37. If you decide to purchase a pet puppy from us, do you understand that we require a deposit ($500) that you give us to reserve a puppy for you? 


38. Do you plan on picking up your pup (driving), flying to meet us at the airport, or having our delivery service deliver your pup to the nearest airport? 


39. Do you agree to all the conditions and state that the information provided by you is accurate and true? 


Signed: _________________________________ Date: __________________________

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