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Past Litters

The New Years Litter


Rocky and Stella's 5 tri-color Multigen Mini-Bernedoodles have gone to their fur-ever homes and are doing great!   These beautiful babies are everything we were hoping to produce from that combination!

The Breakfast Cereal Litter


Rocky and Stella's 2nd litter of perfect tri-color Multigen Mini-Bernedoodles were just as cute and beautiful as their first gang!!  

The Top Gun Litter


Oakley's first litter of standard F1 Bernedoodle babies!  All the babies are tricolor and absolutely gorgeous!  We kept a special girl out of this beautiful litter!

The Luxury Car Litter


Mia and Rocky's first litter of beautiful, perfect multigen mini-Bernedoodles!  

The Baseball Litter


Mia and Rocky's second litter of multigenerational mini-Bernedoodles!  These babies were all perfect tri-colors.... and the sweetest!!

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