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I have been privileged to live with three generations of the same line bred by Cheri!  Her puppies are the sweetest, healthiest, long-living pups!  They are whelped in her immaculate home, not a kennel, and raised with so much wonderful socialization with humans and other dogs that each one of my fur babies has a sweet and confident disposition, is well-behaved, and is able to integrate into the family of existing pets seamlessly.  My oldest fur baby is thirteen years old and my youngest is two and half years old.  Cheri is great to work with before you have your baby and after you have taken yours home.  She stays in touch and she answers my questions (which are numerous) and educates me so I can continue to give them a good home.  Cheri is a breeder focused on the health, longevity, temperament , and well-being of her puppies. You can’t go wrong with her guiding you!


Andrea K. McFeely


Thank you for breeding such great dogs. My boy Bodie is my constant companion and the best dog I could ever imagine. I’m so lucky to have him. Thank you :)
Jim Giddings



We have the smartest, most beautiful, and incredibly loving mini Bernedoodle from Blue Ribbon. We are grateful for her- and for the nurture she received with her family at birth and the early months of critical development. We cannot both thank and recommend @Blue Ribbon Bernedoodles enough. Our fur baby Star is a blessing!

Sara Strelzin

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